A Tribute to Anarchism

Latin from Greek: anarkhia, from anarkhos, from an- ‘without’ + arkhos ‘chief, ruler’.

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In the beginning, there was a problem…

In order to solve any problem, we must first recognise there is a problem.
Fear-based denial of the problem is usually the first hurdle. When we are becoming ill and we begin to notice our symptoms, sometimes we can choose to deny or ignore them, hoping they will disappear, when confronting the issue head on is always the best remedy.

Symptoms are merely effects of underlying causes, and thus instead of treating symptoms, we should make an accurate diagnosis of what is causing the problem to begin with. Through the knowledge acquired via accurate diagnosis, we can begin to take the required action necessary to rectify the causal factors which led to the initial problem.

So let us diagnose.


Truth is objective, i.e. it is not based on the perceptions of human beings (which are capable of wavering). Truth is simply that which is, always has been and is continuing to occur in the present. Through gathering knowledge which is true, processing it and understanding it, we can begin to use it in action, which then affects our behaviour, and ultimately a generated result.

Our quality of knowledge is somewhat mixed however and there is a chaos of information in society, which ultimately confuses and misleads the masses of people across the world. We have pure information streams full of good, useful knowledge, and poisoned information streams full of wrong and convoluted ideas and opinions. Humans take from these streams and add to these streams. Humans hold opinion in their microcosm and share these ideas affecting the macrocosm; as above, so below.

Ignorance is the root cause of all evil. Since only knowledge eradicates ignorance, it is our duty and moral obligation to educate ourselves, as well as the masses around us. So let us begin.


The only truth(s) that exists in the universe is Natural Law. Natural Law is objective, and it applies across the whole universe at every moment and point, forever in the past and wholly omnipresent in this moment of me writing (or your reading).

Natural Law consists of 7 elements or ‘principles’: Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, Gender. These principles have existed in esoteric circles since the birth of Hermeticism in Ancient Greece and have since influenced adaptations leading up to the present day. The writings of Hermes Trismegistus became a heavy influence upon many writers and thinkers who followed him, including both Thomas of Aquinas and Augustine of Hippo.

[For more information on each of these principles, watch the following YouTube video: http://youtu.be/2p5aTQCtb9k ]

These principles are the only principles humanity ‘should’ live by, because these principles equate to truth. If we are honest, and true to ourselves, we should live by the Natural Laws of the universe. Through understanding and expanding Natural Law and its principles, we can divulge: ‘a living being or their property MUST have been harmed in order for a violation of Natural Law, or a ‘wrong-doing’, to have taken place. Any action which does NOT cause such harm is a Right’.

Expanding this further, nobody has the ‘right’ to harm, steal or hinder another person’s freedom, or they are in violation of Natural Law. Many would understand this principle to be the ‘Golden Rule’; ‘do unto others as you would have them do to you’ or rather ‘DON’T do unto others as you have them NOT do to you’.

Under these principles, all men and women remain equal, and no man or woman has the authority to command, control or hurt another man or woman.


So far (I hope) you agree with, and are following along with, what I’m saying.

Here, however, is where you may veer off.

If no man or woman can command another human, then no group of men or women can command another group of men or women; this is still in violation of the Natural Law. So where does that leave government?

Taxation is the claim that a group of people who call themselves “government” have been given the “right” to confiscate an arbitrarily-chosen percentage of the product of another individuals labour (a form of property), whether or not the other agrees to share that product voluntarily. Taxation is enforced by the threat of violence or imprisonment. This practise is always “justified” (made into a “right”) by those who claim that such a practise is necessary and required to “uphold the common good.”

If we define slavery as the involuntary confiscation of 100% of the product of the labour of another human being then we can understand that there is no ‘magical percentage’ to which we can lower this number (other than to 0%) that would no longer constitute slavery.

If we are being honest with ourselves, taxation is merely a euphemism for theft, violence and slavery, as these are the practises upon which taxation is actually based. Since no individual anywhere on earth has the “right” to claim ownership of the product of another’s labour, such behaviour can never be “delegated” to a group, and called a “right”. Therefore, all forms of taxation are ALWAYS WRONG according to Natural Law.

The same basic logic can be extended toward ‘prohibition’ of any form (as each sovereign individual has the right to do what they wish with his or her body) or even ‘licenses and permits’ (as nobody has the right to delegate ‘privilege’).

If you choose to deny this fact and refuse to see this concept, then you are perpetuating your own slavery. Just because the power structures of history have always represented this present model, it doesn’t make THE TRUTH any less of a ‘truth’, IF you are being honest with yourself.

Humanity has a right to use force in a positive way (to help facilitate doing work, cause physical change or exert power for good). Actions which are in harmony with morality and Natural Law are exertions of force. Force can also be used to defend ones-self; as long as force is not the initiating action against another.

Violence however is the opposite. Violence is the immoral initiation of physical power to coerce, compel or restrain. Coercive action is in opposition to morality and Natural Law because it violates the rights of others and is therefore ‘wrong’. Through abiding by the principles of non-aggression and self-defence, humanity can live peacefully with one another if such knowledge is known, taught and practised across society.

The law of man is based on constructs of the mind. Dogmatic beliefs differing in location, based upon the whim of legislators, and changing over time. Such ideology is known as Moral Relativism (and is the Second principle of Satanism)! Natural Law on the other hand is based on principles and truth. By harmonizing both knowledge and understanding we can aim to live in a balanced society. Applying that which is universal leads to external and immutable Law, which is fair, free and equal.

With internal monarchy (Greek: monarkhia ‘the rule of one’) and external anarchy, we can all live in a fair and just world, void of authority, slavery and exploitation.

Now… we just need a Revolution!


Written by Taylor Edwards

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Patch Ahoy! – Music Review

Patch the Pirate

@patchandonly // #drunkenphilosophy // @drunkenphilos


Patch (aka Greg Hamlin) is a North-London based emcee and producer, who has been carving his path into the UK hip-hop scene for over 3 years. Having played on revered line-ups from Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden to Lyrically Gifted in Highbury, Patch the Pirate has become an increasingly noticed artist, and is supported for more than just his swashbuckling stage name.

With an eclectic range of influences spanning from Tupac and Schoolboy Q to Paolo Nutini and Bob Marley, Patch dons a distinct lyrically-rich and intelligent musical style, craved by fans nostalgic of 90’s hip-hop and traditional life-inspired lyrics. Patch serves as a breath of fresh beats to any fan of the culturally inspired yet street orchestrated style made famous through the work of artists such as Mark B & Blade, Klashnekoff and Task Force.

Patch’s messages of self-belief and discovery are meshed with his contending skill in writing. Combine these two ingredients with Patch’s signature rhythmic flow, and we have a grade-A talent enthusiasts should get behind and support.

As leader and innovator of the ‘drunken philosophy’ movement, Patch teaches his listeners and followers to “embrace their contradictions” and he promotes uplifting energy amongst his fans; all whilst anchoring such themes in reality and battening down the head-bopping hatches.

Our RB Review on an array of his tracks can be found below. If you have any comments please get involved and contact @LeftBrainNews on Twitter!

To listen first, check out: Soundcloud.com/patchandonly


What’s Your World – Patch Ft. Latir
Patch adorns a jazzy instrumental in this number, injecting a relaxed vibe into the Roots-esque rhythm. Soft poetic auras that rock Patch’s ‘drunken philosophy’ theme are shown off, as his lyrics pour over cool-concepts and duality-inspired reflections. “[The] US of A couldn’t handle my state” and we agree. So cool.

Tim Horton Music – Patch
On this number, the sombre beat and rain-drop rhythm carries the listener down an alleyway of ideas and insights.

Strings Of My Nature – Patch
A classical instrumental of strings and ivory is matched with nostalgia from the days of Klashnekoff; each reflecting the natural and the human aspects of reality. Elemental ideas and cultural themes clash in a story of perspective and understanding. Patch blends wisdom with an aura of originality and intention. Akala meets Kano on this showcase of sounds.

Any Questions (Freestyle) – Patch
With a grimier, more familiar sound, Patch’s freestyle addition to his Soundcloud collection would blow the socks off any Royce da 5’9 fans. With a lions roar, Patch’s genius is unchained in this track, and he is heard enjoying every moment of it. As any pirate needs his rum, “Captain Morgan” receives a healthy shout-out, and we are reminded Patch’s pirate ship has set sail upon our ears. Between dipping in and out of ‘street’ themes and deep metaphors, Patch explodes his canon of well devised and researched ideas; leaving us thinking “J Cole, eat Ghetto’s heart out”.



If you want to see Patch walk-the-plank, he is playing at UK Unsigned Hype in Camden @ Lockside Lounge on Thursday 20th November. Check him out (and bring your eye-patches), Gaarr!


Head over to Patch’s sound cloud to listen to some of his music now @ Soundcloud.com/patchandonly

Written by Taylor Edwards

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“Empty Your Stocking” – UN Arms Trade Treaty – What does it mean?

It is nearing Christmas and everyone is beginning to feel the familiar winter cheer. Some of us stay in bed that extra 10 minutes and rush to the steaming shower; all for a seconds less shiver. But who doesn’t love to hate the winter chill, and the warm fires and food to make up for it?

Well this year there may be more of us who develop a distaste toward the magical time of Christmas, and sadly more of our American friends than any other. Luckily, it isn’t Santa that will let us down, but Barrack Obama and his rapidly growing ‘executive arm’ pushing against his own people.

On the 24th December, Christmas Eve, the United States of America will face one of the biggest breaches of its constitution since it’s very implementation and ratification in December 1791. The United Nations ‘Arms Trade Treaty’ (or ATT in short), which was first proposed in June 2013, threatens to undermine the very constitution the USA was built upon. Barrack Obama has agreed to sign legislation into effect which will fundamentally empower the state government once more, and equally weaken the power, sovereignty and freedom of the American people.

The constitutional right to own, buy, sell, trade or transfer weapons, firearms and munitions from Christmas Eve will be officially banned as of the 24th December under the UN’s ATT, and Obama is keen to oversee the transition of control over the American population.

The second amendment states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, and those men who debated, drafted and wrote this historic document were not just gung-ho hillbillies. These men were incredibly serious about the dangers centralised powers and tyrants posed, and they were incredibly keen to spread the means of real power, force, amongst the population, in case they should ever need to fight for their freedom again (as they had in the American War of Independence).

After all, a fair distribution of real force should equal lasting peace, for fear of mutual destruction, or mass chaos. Conversely, a monopoly of force constitutes a monopoly of power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, as the old adage goes.

It took a bloody civil war, fought against the British, for those men to learn the value of freedom. Many of us today, across the world, forget what our fathers and forefathers had fought for throughout the many wars that have occurred over the past centuries. Fittingly, Remembrance Sunday on the 9th November was a memorable date for many, as it marked 100 years since the beginning of the First World War. Many people across the west stopped to remember those who had died for the sake of preserving others freedoms; if only people could look back more often to remind themselves of how, and why, we have come to live in such prosperous times in comparison.

When the time came for a constitution to be written, and equally a bill of rights to be formulated, these well-respected and highly educated men decided upon the second most important right for American citizens. Above that of the protection from forced searches and seizures, and even above the preservation of innocence before guilt, was the ownership of arms for the protection and preservation of self (and family) against the will of tyrants.

It is difficult to remind people today the dangers of government, as we are always being reminded (by our governments incidentally) of how ‘democratic’ and ‘charitable’ our leaders are; particularly when fighting foreign wars for ‘increased security’ at home, allegedly. Many wrongly believe that governments are solely in existence for our benefit, and many ignore or forget the numerous scandals, lies and mis-truths we have been fed by our representatives over the last centuries, resulting in injustice and deceit.

It is now well known (to historians and the learned alike) that the biggest killer of the 20th century wasn’t genocide, world war or even disease and homicide, no. The sole biggest killer of the 20th century was ‘Democide’ – countless murders at the hands of democratic governments.

Many hard working, traditional Americans know this fact, and the signing of the ATT, and Obamas support for such a treaty, should strike fear into the eyes of millions.


Well those who keep their ear to the ground, and listen to the ripples of financial instability, should be familiar with the growing number of ‘dollar-collapse’ warnings.

Financially, the Federal Reserve has been printing it’s way out of financial collapse for decades, and it is only able to do so, due to the dollars strong standing as the world’s reserve currency (and also due to the ‘petrodollar’ system which requires the sale of oil in USD). Without these two fundamental pillars supporting the fed and it’s ongoing printing programme, the USD will eventually implode with vigour and destructive results, affecting millions of innocent American families.

Politically, we are beginning to see the slow erosion of these two pillars supporting the US dollar. Firstly, each of these rely on foreign support, investment and confidence. America’s popularity has been dwindling for many years now, since she decided to police many of the world’s conflicts including Ukraine, Libya, Syria and of course Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Russian, Chinese and Brazilian support has never been weaker, and with the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) bank beginning operations next year – rivalling the IMF and The World Bank – the world may see a complete U-turn of wealth and investment from West to East (as has already been seen in the media of recent, with two massive gas pipeline deals being made between Russia and China last week).

Another interesting turn-of-the-tide, in this tale of gradual collapse, is Saudi Arabian Oil. Saudi Arabia have always united with America (and Britain) under their joint programme of dislike toward Iran. With ISIS growing in the Middle East region, and with Barrack Obama’s ‘secret’ discussions with Iranian diplomats and officials, it is likely the Saudi princes and officialdom will gradually grow to dislike such discussion, and we could see the Petrodollar become undone in favour of a more stable and more loyal alternative.

But what does this have to do with gun-control?

The dollar collapse is a real potential threat, and many respected and experienced economists and analysis have warned of it’s impending reality. Why has this situation been allowed to persevere?

Tyranny of leadership, and corruption and greed amongst the western financial institutions is one answer. Austerity and financial collapse being forms of mass deception and robbery is another. It is the western leaders and financiers that have paved the way for such collapse in many cases, and it is individual gain and greed which has compelled them. These men behind the shadows know the ‘collapse’ will happen, and when it does, it will make 2008 look like a dress rehearsal. They also fear, when the collapse does finally culminate, like a modern French Revolution, the people will be out for blood, and it will be the bankers, the lawmakers and the upper echelon of power they will beckon for.

The ATT is a clearly defined and well-devised plan for a means of limiting the damage before it hits with all it’s fervour and anger.

Article 2.3 in the treaty states; “this treaty shall not apply to the international movement of conventional arms by, or on behalf of, a state party for its use provided that the conventional arms remain under that state party’s ownership”.

In plain English: only the ruling party, or established authority, can hold and trade arms – not the citizens. Monopolising the power and weakening the people provides an ever greater buffering zone to continue such elicit attacks on liberty, as have already taken place over the past numerous decades.

Article 5; “each state party shall… Implement this treaty in a consistent; objective and non-discriminatory manner… [and] establish and maintain a national control system…”

Article 14; “each state party shall take appropriate measures to enforce national laws and regulations that implement the provisions of the treaty.”

Many critics of the libertarian, tea-party type, would argue the world has changed, and there is no place for violence and gun ownership anymore. Echoes of school shootings on campuses and the like, and crazed killers rampaging through streets are often cited as well rounded reasons for such legislation – and I would be compelled to agree.

However, when Americas police have been caught committing acts of violence upon innocents on video, sometimes even murder (just as those in the school shooting incidents had for instance) I would argue, now more than ever, it is imperative to keep guns, as they represent the last bastion of personal security and safety from tyranny.

The Ferguson shooting, and many others which came before or followed, were examples of the monopolising force of the state at work. When the eventual ‘collapse’ occurs, with blood and money smeared on the fat hands of bankers, diplomats and politicians, how does the American population hope to install justice and order within society without an appropriate balance of power over the many tyrants that lurk in and around Wall Street and the White House.

[If you would like to read the ATT bill for yourself, the link is as follows: https://unoda-web.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/English7.pdf ]

Written by Taylor Edwards

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Facing The Fear: The Journey from Wealth to Wisdom, an Interview with Tarran Kent-Hume

By Taylor Edwards

“The reality is: many people get sucked into wanting to achieve success within the corporate or business world. As a result, people lose their creativity, and money becomes the only factor” – Tarran

For 6 years, Tarran worked in the financial markets of London for a very successful head-hunting firm. “In this job I learnt a great deal” he revealed. “I became both financially and externally more successful than at any job previous and I was really committed to the job. I typically spent between 70 and 80 hours a week working in and out of the office and that doesn’t even include working the weekends”. This is a familiar story to many of those who work, or have worked, in a similar environment. “At times I’d find myself in the office at 11pm on a weekday, with the phone still stuck to my ear”, Tarran professed.

Working in the financial markets within the infamous City of London is not an easy endeavour, however in Tarran’s case, and many others, the rewards were vast. “After about 5 years in the job, I had earned good money and spent loads – I bought a suit for everyday of the week, and champagne and parties were a regular occurrence”. This continued until Tarran developed a change of attitude, and a sense of emptiness and distaste for what his life had become. “On the outside I was successful and happy, and yet on the inside I was slowly becoming bored – and drawing closer to a point of depression”. Living the city life proved to be a roller coaster of ups and downs for Tarran, as he perpetually worked and spent his way through the years; rarely slowing for a second to appreciate the missing pleasures, and the fleeting moments.

Tarran was not alone on this roller coaster of work and play. His contemporaries were taking home enormous payslips and spending it far more lavishly as they indulged their expensive tastes. “They spent to keep up, and many seemed to work until just under the retirement age”. He mused for a moment and continued; “Which for me seemed so absurd! Surely the point of working your ass off and making loads of money is that it will one day buy you freedom?” Alas, ‘if one enters a dance with the devil, the dance may last forever.’

Tarran slowly but surely began to tumble down the rabbit hole of realisation, and became increasingly enlightened about the life he wanted to lead. “Drinking, partying and spending money on ‘stuff’ became pointless”, Tarran confessed. “I would go to the bar with friends, and after an hour I’d get bored, sneak out the back, and walk miles and miles; just thinking.”

Suddenly, that life-changing moment many call the ‘awakening’ arrived and Tarran simply ‘woke up’. Upon purchasing Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Power of Now’ Tarran took his first step toward his “freedom”. Tarran produced an A3 piece of paper and began to write all the things which scared him and all the things he wished he could do, and then focussed his mind on how he could achieve them. “No longer did I want to live my life out of a 15” computer screen”; real change was on the horizon. The year that followed was incredibly different to those which had preceded it; Tarran stepped out of his comfortable socks and expensive suit and into a new life conquering fears and achieving ambitions.

Tarran burst into a flurry of challenges and obstacles immediately – all of the energy and emptiness which had welled up within him was suddenly unleashed. Some say: ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ and in this case, there is no phrase more suitable.

Within a year of writing down and committing to his goals, Tarran had accomplished a number of feats he had never before tried and only dreamt of, all whilst still putting in the hours in his full time job. Unbeknown to Tarran, 2013 was to be a very eventful year. To begin his journey, Tarran ran a half- marathon. He then immediately doubled his efforts and completed a full marathon. Tarran’s sense of accomplishment and pride generated an intravenous shot of energy into his bloodstream and he began to push further, higher, harder. Next on the list, Tarran completed a triathlon which was then closely followed by a 70.3 Ironman. Stepping beyond the traditional challenges of runs and athletics, Tarran then boarded a plane to France and successfully climbed Mont Blanc; the highest mountain in the Alps. For a man who had never attempted a half marathon before, to then successfully accomplish the entire list above, one might gasp at the achievements some people can seize through will-power and training alone.

Tarran’s incredible triumphs however had only just begun. In the same year, Tarran went on to raise £10,000 for charity and to also break a Guinness World Record by competing in the longest game of 5-a-side football on record. The game’s duration was equivalent to 31 professional matches played back-to-back, which ultimately ended with Tarran’s team winning on a final score of 870-517. The success of the event was so strikingly original and commendable it even made headlines on the ITV news. Players would be on the pitch for 5 hours, be subbed off for 2 hours, then come back on for 5 more in a continuous cycle of rolling substitutions. [If you are interested in watching the ITV news clip, it features on Tarran’s website which is linked at the bottom of this article.]

To round of his most exciting and accomplished year so far, Tarran successfully became a fully fledged ‘Iron Man’ which is a 4.8 kilometre swim, 180 kilometre cycle and then, a full marathon. He achieved this coveted title by completing the full competition of the same name; one of the most well regarded and renowned endurance tests in existence. Representing Australia, Tarran swam, cycled then ran his way to success, finishing with an overall time of 14 hours and 53 minutes; a great time for any athlete.

After focussing and achieving his goals for the year 2013 and always keen to continue pushing the limits, Tarran continued his upward thrust. He decided to quit his job so he could focus all his efforts and a few weeks later he flew to Thailand in order to tick-off another challenge; successfully completing a professional Muay Thai fight. “When it doesn’t feel right, go left” Tarran states on his blog, and this he had done, once again, most successfully. Gruelling training regimes would put most fitness enthusiasts off this particular challenge, as students of the sport are continuously pushed to the limits – ‘train hard, fight easy’ – is a common mantra of the Muay Thai fighting culture. After two months of 6am starts, 10km jogs and hours of bag and conditioning training each day, Tarran’s name was officially on the board of fighters and he had his first professional opponent. [A link to the fight can be found at the bottom of this article, and I would highly recommend watching it; the fight ends with a bang, so to speak.]

Having just returned from the WBFF Men’s Fitness Model Show, Tarran is now planning his next adventure. Tarran plans to kayak the length of the Amazon next year; the worlds widest, wildest and most well-known river. I wish him the best of luck for his next adventure, and remain keen to keep up with Tarran’s exploration into the unknown over his next few years.

Tarran’s story is a microcosm of an interesting and rather noticeable movement happening in Britain at the moment; a distinct swing towards leading a healthier more productive lifestyle. Any high street in Britain today will reveal the growing number of cycling, running and gym enthusiasts, each of them munching on protein bars and Creatine, in search of a better body and a more active lifestyle.

This tale should serve as inspiration for anybody who is unhappy with an aspect of their life, and I hope through reading Tarran’s journey you too have been inspired, and feel more compelled, to grab life by the horns.


Follow Tarran on Twitter @Tarran008 and check out his website for blog links, videos and regular updates on his adventures: tarrankenthume.com


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Broke In Britain

So another week of work has begun, and already the most diverse march this year is at our heels. Before it leaves our leaders (and managers) memories completely – let us dwell on it’s significance for a moment…

Over the weekend Britain saw a number of marches dubbed “Britain needs a pay rise” – and with a large turnout, temperate British tones and big colourful banners, the workers, movers and shakers of British life were out in force – and luckily the weather was dry, and the police were unarmed – so two reasons Umbrellas weren’t needed!

Nurses, clerks, teachers, receptionists and consultants (to name but a few professions) from all walks of life and from all areas of the country were united under the simple slogan – “End the cuts. Stop the austerity”.

England is a country with a recent rich history of economic success and forward thinking initiatives. Thus, it is sad for me to report that we now have 6.1 million people who, whilst working, are officially living ‘in poverty’; meaning they cannot afford their basic needs and services to survive. As sad and unjust as that is, also consider those unfortunate enough to be ‘out of work’, on benefits, or even simply behind the counter at a local KFC!

This is an astronomical number of people and this unfairness needs to end. It is worth noting too, that in a recent Credit Swiss financial report, the UK has shown to be the only country within the G7 who have experienced a growth in inequality, yes inequality, within the 21st century.

Surprised? Well here’s just one of the reasons why. In 1998, all those years ago when PayPal was first founded (ok so not that long ago), CEO’s and top executives used to earn (on average) 45 times the salary of the average worker. Today, that figure has almost quadrupled to 185 times the average worker. Yes, I needed to read that again too. So,is it really a surprise our inequality gap is so high?

It is clear that whilst the economy struggled after 2008, and companies limited wage-rises and proceeded to let employees go, they haven’t since rescinded their actions. Nobody’s telling them to push wages back up, or to hire more staff, or to limit their own bonuses and incomes – so now we are telling them.

The essence and reasoning behind this weekends marches was exactly this – a stand against this behaviour. It is these figures and messages which need to be repeated again and again until something is done.

Don’t forget however, that trying to grab an influential politicians attention is harder than scoring a 7 word on scrabble.

After all, the so-called “knowledgeable leaders” that make our laws and debate our futures, kindly awarded themselves an 11% pay rise (up to around £74,000 a year) only months before NHS nurses were striking for a 1% pay rise for their truly noble and knowledgable work. Something doesn’t quite add up!

So please, share this article and remind your friends: we can see positive change and a better deal for us all – we just have to keep shouting about it.

Written by Taylor Edwards

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‘EU’mperor’s New Clothes – EU: In or Out?

Reading the papers in recent weeks has rekindled nostalgia from the time I first watched ‘Taken’.

The moment Neeson snapped into his CIA persona, as his daughter is dragged from her hiding place heels-first, the cinema became engulfed in giddy excitement and horrified dread. Immediately you just knew that this was going to be a blockbuster, and you could equally sense that the cocky, faceless kidnapper was going to have his head kicked-in on board a million-dollar yacht (maybe).

Passion truly gripped the UK as Scotland voted, chip-butties in hand, whether to remain within the United Kingdom. Weeks later, Douglas Carswell defected from the Conservative party to UKIP, successfully becoming their first MP. Many couldn’t believe how such a well-spoken and polite man could suddenly turn racist, crazy and fascist over-night!

Of course, he isn’t any of those things, but the professional socialists will wash your brain with these terms until you’re utterly convinced they’re true. The events of the past few weeks were really just solid examples of the democratic process at work.

Many will tell you UKIP want to reintroduce slavery, or that they want to build a concrete wall along the south coast and bring back capital punishment. Once again, with no real surprise, these are all examples of the brilliance and imagination of leftist-propaganda (despite the fact that UKIP have employed some rather old-fashioned representatives in past years).

The truth is, UKIP really just want one thing: for Britain to leave the EU. (The clue really is in the name.)

The price of EU membership costs around £20 billion a year, straight into the EU coffers. It is true that Britain pays £10 billion per year more than it gets back out. Already something doesn’t quite add up! The EU makes 75% of today’s laws in Britain- mostly effecting our macro economic policy and our international-judicial policy. Our government simply cannot make these laws like we used to; our leaders are just talking heads, despite what they tell us. (So much for hundreds of years of democracy.)

The EU began as a free-trade bloc. Increased freedom to buy goods and services from across the channel was hardly an inconvenience – like a new bus route opening up – who wouldn’t say no to that? “Now I can go to Coventry in the morning to get my groceries, and finish up in Birmingham to watch the Six Nations – badda-bing”; I hear you cry!

However, it didn’t remain like this for long. Slowly, the EU commanded more power over its member-states, gradually making changes to macro economic policy, and over-riding that which had been developed for centuries – the national sovereign right to self-govern.

The EU of today looks more like a cabal of emperors, running naked through the streets of Brussels, boasting of their new clothes. Alas, it is only Nigel Farage with the cojones, in Britain at least, to reveal to the masses the farce that is undressing atop the democratic countries of Europe.

The Euro, which we were smart to shrug off, has destroyed the likes of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and more recently, Spain and Cyprus. Their disproportionate economies were over-reached and under-prepared.

The European Court of Human Rights (which upholds the European convention on Human Rights) has led to increased rights for murderers! Yes, now murderers can vote, they can spend more time with their families, and even criminals from abroad can also enjoy the luxury of knowing they will not be deported. How very kind of the ECHR to prioritise the rights of the convicted over the rights of the affected!

All this without even mentioning the increasing burden migrants have on our welfare state and housing demand, all due to the EU’s open-door policy on immigration. It is a fact that a population equivalent to Southampton arrives in the UK from other parts of Europe each year. Personally, I’m all for migrants coming to the UK, and I think the NHS wouldn’t be what is is today without that influx; let alone other services which benefit from these peoples. However, I’m unsure an increasing population akin to that of Southampton arriving each year, is healthy for our country in the long term.

Don’t the youth of Britain have enough to worry about considering the current high unemployment rate, the astronomical price of housing and the sickening increase in university fees?

The very last thing our leaders of tomorrow need is to be squeezed out of the job market by migrants who are keen to work longer hours for less money. This is a generalisation, like a lot political rhetoric, however when Farage proposes we take the Australian points-based system, and allow migrants into the country based on who can offer the UK particular skills we need – is this alternative really a fascist, crazy and racist policy?

All these changes and all these possibilities, and yet we cannot do a thing about them – unless, of course, we leave the EU. No matter how these issues continue to develop.

So when UKIP are calling for a referendum on this issue – it is because they want us, the people, to decide for ourselves if we want to continue bowing to Brussels. Or, whether we want to govern ourselves as we have for hundreds of years prior to the EU experiment gone-wrong.

It is true that Scotland remained part of the UK, however their referendum raised significant debate. This kind of debate is what we need in the UK, and it is only via UKIP that we will get our referendum. Cameron has backed out of these promises before, and I, for one, do not trust he won’t do that a second time.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

Written by Taylor Edwards

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